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  • India Wells

    There are countless unreached villages in India that have a water shortage. For some who do have water, it often comes from polluted sources. Women and children frequently have to walk for miles to a polluted water source or a nearby village for water. The time and resources that are spent trying to obtain water are some of the biggest burdens for the lower classes in India.

    Our mission statement is to provide for the material needs of the poor, distressed, and underprivileged in order to improve living conditions and also build relationships with local church communities, so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be both shown and shared. For India, our goal is to do this by providing a well to 350 different villages.

    Each well improves the quality of life for over 1,000 villagers, decreasing both the risk of waterborne disease and the burden on the poor trying to obtain water. It also allows doors to be opened for the Gospel of Jesus to be shared in a Hindu country.

    A typical cost to construct a well in India is $5000. However, this year, for each couple that signs up for the Love Song Couples Getaway, $50 will go to the Love Song Foundation. This will reduce the cost of a well to $2400. We also provide different options to sponsor a well; from $75 a month for 24 month to one payment of $2400. If you would like to sponsor multiple well, please call us at 1.888.781.8687 ext. 0.

    Each well will have a Love Song Foundation plaque with a number that will be assigned to a couple. You will also be sent a picture of your well with the people of the village that it helped, along with the location of your well in case you ever want to visit.

    Please join with us and support those in need by providing them both a clean water source and the Water of Life.
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  • Love Song Foundation Agreement

    1. We cannot refund any contributions, as planning/building commences immediately
    2. Any partially funded wells will be pooled together in order to complete wells.
    3. There will be no ownership of any property per this agreement.
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